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ZEGC transformer oil chromatogram on-line monitoring systemAn overview,

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When using a single high performance chromatographic column, gas sensor, H2, CO, CH4, C2H8, C2H2 six kinds of fault gases dissolved in transformer oil test, solve the scene of the laboratory chromatography analysis technology process, as a result of double column and double sensor double circuit design of complex structure, supporting facilities, the problem of higher environmental requirements for, concise optimize detection circuit and test process, solved the system leakage, data easily drift abnormalities, such as reliability, stability, improved the system testing.
Low system supports RS485 communication mode, the TCP/IP and GPRS mode.

Second, the technical indicators
Detection principle: while detecting H2, CO, CH4 and C2H6, C2H2, C2H4, micro water can form a complete set of detection.
Communication: RS485, TCP/IP and GPRS
Analysis cycle: the default system 24 hours a day/time, minimum 4 hours, set by the user
Ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃﹢
Relative humidity: 5 ~ 95%, no condensation
Altitude: < 2000 m
Working power supply: AC 220 v + 22 v, 50 hz
Install size: 580 (width) x 1500 (high) x 380 mm (deep)

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